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The Sadhananda International Buddhist Monastary, is a non-profit organization that offers religious, educational, and cultural teachings of Buddhism to support the needs of growing population of Bangla speaking Buddhist families from Bangladesh and India in the Tri-State area. The name of our temple is inspired by the Highest Holiness Venerable Sadhanananda Mahathera, also famously known as ‘Bano Bhante’ in Bangladesh. The purpose of the Monastary is to promote religious teaching of the Buddha, and educate people from all walks of life with the Buddhas teaching of metta, compassion, and loving kindness. For elderly people, who have recently immigrated to USA, living far away from the familiar culture, it has become so difficult to acclimatize newer culture. On the contrary, it is equally difficult for the young children, who are born here or educated here, having no formal education on Buddhism and our culture. Sadhananda International Monastary bridges the gap between the generations. As a result everybody gets benifitted with the merit. This temple provides Buddhist education and teachings to the ordinary people by giving free discourses, observing religious festivities, chanting the Buddha’s own words of deliberation, lectures and dhamma classes to support, motivate, advice and guide practitioners, so that they can lead a simple, healthy, non-violent life style. The temple also maintains a monastic Sangha – a group of Monks, who have dedicated their lives to the cause of Buddhism, who follows stringent & controlled daily livelyhood, follow strict principles of Buddhist practice and rituals and adhere to the guidelines of the Buddha’s Monastic rules and regulations. The Monastary, also maintains a community center for conducting various religious festivals, cultural awareness, meditation retreats, social, educational and literary activities to enrich spiritual conciousness among the lay people. Our volunteers and lay leaders are the foundation of our monastary and participation in our programs and activities are open for all. You can best gain a sense of the verve, cordiality and compassionate outlook of our community just by visiting us.

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