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New York city has been home for hundreds of Bengali Buddhist families from a long time. The city has been recognized as home away from home for all of us and provided us with many opportunities for our individual growth and propsperity. For all Bengali buddhists, like many other communities here, we thrived and flourished as the entire community matures. But, we have always missed one thing for several decades, and that is a common place of worship, a monastery  where we can practice and devote ourselves to the Dhamma practices and develop our inner self. Having a Buddhist temple in the heart of New York City is a dreams come true for all Bengali buddhists in the city. It was indeed a very rough journey from the point when we felt that a Buddhist temple is a necessity, but did not actually figure out what would be the best way to organize it. Of course, undertaking such a huge venture is not easy. task. In course of time, having a lot of disagreement, altercation, disparity we have all come together, as a community, united behind the cause. We are very fortunate to have a few great donors that contributed to our core cause and dream. We are specially thankful to Mr. Subrata Barua, who has been so generous since the beginning with our efforts and kindly donated an entire floor and outdoor space of his building to accommodate the need of this temple. Without his contribution and support, our dream would have never been materialized. We are also very fortunate to have the blessings of one of the distinguished disciple of the His Highness Most Venerable Sadhanananda Mahathero in Raj Bono Bihara in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh: Venerable Bhadante Gyanarathna Thero. We are highly blessed and sanctified to announce that Ven. Gyanaratna Thero has kindly agreed to lead our congregation and currently developing a road map for further development and enhancement of our monastery, and our ideas. Having Him as an Abbot in our monastery, will motivate us reconstructing our community and will bring peace and sanctity to our communities and propagate the Buddhist Path to happiness. With that perception, we like to build this monastery that will adhere to the following pledges:

  • The Sadhanananda International Buddhist Monastery will improve and expand programs in education, children, young & adult activities and services to the community.

  • The monastery will be the focal point for undertaking planned expansion of programs, membership, activities and facilities in light of carefully prepared implementation to mission statement of the Monastery. The mission of the Temple is to be a focal point for Buddhist teachings and practices, prayer, education, community and family life within the guidelines of Buddhist philosophy..

  • The Temple will promotes awareness of the Buddha's teachings and practice them in ourselves and promote it to our neighbors, friends, well wishers

  • The establishment will provide Bangla Speaking Americans can meet and celebrate the religious and cultural festivities following traditions of Bengali Buddhist heritage.

  • This facility will offer opportunities so that young men and women can gather together to listen, ask questions, and discuss various topics in their daily lives and incorporate and integrate their experience with dhamma activities

  • This shrine will endeavor spiritual richness and human excellence through integration of core human values in light of Buddhist teachings into our daily lives.

  • We will uphold Buddhist phylosolphy and it's practical applications to our friends and neighbors in our communities and share experience to anyone who is interested

  • This institution will deliver religious and cultural education, Dhamma discussions and meditations, observe traditional festivals with religious fervor and dedication.

  • this organization will arrange for charities to help the underprivileged, needy and disadvantaged population locally and internationally.

We have just started the journey. We have big plans ahead. The path to success is not easy. But we believe together we can overcome any hurdle. We welcome you all to our monastary. As The Buddha says: There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. We hope you will start your journey to THE TRUTH with us!


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